Old Kim Kardashian: The Lady In Red

Ah, color consideration for hair, this comes to us all. Whether to dye over the greys, change up our look all together or just set ourselves a new color for a holiday or mood change, men and women who wear hair as well as just about everybody else has or will come to hair color considerations a time or two. Just this week Kim Kardashian ‘went red,’ pretty much the first time she has done so, and the world responded wildly to her hair color change.

To be fair, K.K. seemed to be attempting to match her haute couture to her locks when pictures were snapped of his this week leaving Milk Studios in L.A. The mega-popular reality star was sporting fiery red locks as much as she was stuffed into a red and orange latex outfit. The look was striking, dare we say fiery? What Kim managed to get seen in (and something she certainly hoped to get seen in) certainly met the daily requirements for a celebrity making the news!

And really, nobody is beyond hair color considerations and the comments over them when they make those changes.

But Guci Image clients can’t be as free-wheeling in their hair color selection, as we have noted time and again (we don’t want comments, really). The very last thing you want when sporting a CTR unit or hair extensions is to bring undue attention to your hair…especially by wearing wild color. Subtle changes and highlights are fine, the peppering-in of grey, updates here and there, even maybe an easily washed thru rinse for a specific wacky weekend or to match the kids for their Halloween adventures. But in the end, no color or cut should be so attention-grabbing when you are a hair replacement client.

Let us both watch the color and the cut.




Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc