Old Don’t Follow Tori Locklear

Does anybody remember (or care) about Tori Locklear, the girl whose video went viral after burning her hair off six years ago? Yes, you probably went on with your life, raised your kids, went to your job, slipped into Guci Image for your monthly service. Life went on, but the 13-year-old, who grabbed a curling iron and burnt a chunk of her hair off, earned a whopping 52 million views (yes you read that number right) and was subsequently invited on Ellen to give her further side of the story. Fast forward to the present day. Locklear is not 19, and working with Pantene. She is spearheading the company’s the campaign for the single-use deep conditioner, Rescue Shots.
We don’t make light of or throw up video of damaged hair here.  Our Northern N.J. Hair care facility is about keeping your hair healthy, especially the hair you wear. Coloring, over washing, various treating that you might get into above and beyond what we do here for you at Guci (well researched as it is) can be detrimental to the life of your hair. Let 13-year-old girls try to make a point you should know all too well, and always be trying to avoid; there are certain things you can do to your hair that could severely damage your hair.
There is a contract you enter into, with yourself, when you wear hair. Yes, there are the papers you sign with Guci Image, all that business mumbo jumbo we have to get out of the way for us both to proceed well protected. But that agreement our clients make with themselves, to do what’s best for their style, cut and overall presentation of their hair is more important than what Guci promises to do for you. Without your attention to your hair care, all we do for you will come to naught.
So keep your ‘irons’ well away from the ‘fire’ of making statements or even experimentation. One Tori Locklear is enough for us all, although we fear there are plenty more like her out there.