Old A Hair Solution That Not Only Works For You…But Works Right

Hair care solutions are a dime a dozen. From the Guci Image offices in Paramus, New Jersey to clear across the country and dotted around the world, men and women find their solutions, good (and sometimes bad), to their hair thinning. Most recently, Sunday Okafor of New Rochelle, underwent a hair-loss treatment at Hairline Ink in Manhattan, hoping for the “unbelievable natural . . . look of a full head of hair,” the company promises. He instead found a blotchy scalp after he had pigment injected after two treatments.
The point here is that you need to vet your hair health procedures as well as hair replacement units with some in-depth research. These days we can deep dive into reviews and promises, get the latest on a salon; figure the true legitimacy of procedures (as well as find out the skinny on at home shampoos and supposed thickening solutions). This is why Guci Image keeps all we do, processes and procedures, as transparent to the general public as possible. When we introduce something new, as we did most recently with our DHSA process, and Allure Hair, we let the public know about it as soon as we can and host all the research about it we have. Besides, so much of what Guci Image provides has been made for us (as DHSAand Allure are) or with our input to such an exacting degree that we know exactly what we offer from every angle possible.
We want any client who might even be slightly considering coming to see us confident in what they will find at our N.J. hair loss clinic. Nobody wants to find a solution that ends with a lawsuit like Mr. Okafor now finds himself embroiled.
At Guci Image we know there is no second chance in getting your hair right. We want to present you with not only the hair solution that works for you but one that works right.