Here Comes The Snow, Here Comes Worry: Hair Care In The Colder Months

Enjoying(?) our first accumulated snowfall in Northern New Jersey, the time seems to be here for gloves, heavy coats, boots, and hats. Even if we enjoy some soon predicted warming-up of the weather, and don’t see any more flakes for a while, when any Guci Image client experiences their first real snowfall of the year they start preparing, if even just mentally, for what is sure to come. The colder ‘season’ sees us out and about with a good many places we need to be, looking good, in possible nasty weather. For any of us wearing hair—a Guci Image hair replacement unit, extensions, whatever you come to Guci for—the idea of leaving the house in the wind and the snow, or having to place a hat on our head that we need to take off later, can be a worry of nightmare proportions.

Yes, it is the simple things that most concern us who wear hair. A vacation involving a pool, attempting a new cut, dealing with on/off/on hat wearing, brings us all worry. Guci Image men and women customers are as much concerned with adding color or trying a new cut as they are always hoping their hair looks its best come times when it is hard to keep one’s hair at its best. This is why it is doubly important in the colder months to stay the course on your regular N.J. Guci hair care appointments. To make sure you take care to hydrate your scalp properly when the weather turns cold and can be very drying. And maybe, not try for anything new as far as color or cut are concerned around the holidays or if you do, be as subtle as you can.

Surely at parties and events, we all want to look our best, that’s a given. But a little extra attention this time of year will lessen your worry of pulling a tight-knit hat on and off your head.