Old Sara Sampaio & Hilaria Baldwin Tell Of Their Hair Woes

It could easily be argued that we all know too much about each other because of social media. But for those of us suffering through female hair loss one can never know too much. Here at Guci Image, we feel every heartfelt confession from a lady battling thinning hair is worth telling (if the lady wishes to tell) …and learn from. But it’s not just our North New Jersey female hair loss customers who have a story to tell and are seeking to get their confidence back.
This week, two female celebrities took to social media to reveal what they are going through in their particular hair worries. Victoria’s Secret model/angel Sara Sampaio revealed this week that she suffers from trichotillomania, a hair-pulling impulse disorder. Across her “Instagram Stories” account the supermodel revealed this very intimate dilemma of her life.
Granted Sampaio’s hair loss is unlike the thinning and loss we usually see at Guci Image, but it’s still brave for a model to come out and lay claim to a problem with her looks. It seems though that through this particular lady’s openness she is hoping to help others with trichotillomania to be more inclined to seek help.
Actress Hilaria Baldwin also confessed an intimate detail of her life this week across the social sphere…and it had to do with her hair. The wife of Alec Baldwin claims she is suffering from postpartum hair loss. Surely something common in lots of ladies, again, a woman with such a high profile confessing something as personal as this fact of her life, does bring to light a specific hair loss symptom. And brings us all a little bit closer.
These two stories represent the positive side of social media, to be sure.
There are a bunch of causes for hair loss in women, as much as there are a good amount of different reasons men go bold. As the top women’s hair replacement saloon in Upper Bergen County and the surrounding northern New Jersey corridor, we have seen plenty of women present hair thinning problems for many different reasons.
And time and again, Guci Image provides a female hair loss solution no matter the reason.