Old 5 Sure Steps Of Evolving Your Hair Style When You Wear Hair

Not a mere few days after the Grammy’s, Lady Gaga revealed an Instagram pic of a new short black hair cut, drastically different than the flowing blonde tresses she sported at the music award show. Surely pop stars can’t be caught short evolving their look, but what about the rest of us? And more importantly, what about the Guci Image customer, the men and women who wear hair, how do they evolve their style, cut and color?

Here are 5 Sure Steps Of Evolving Your Hair Style When You Wear Hair:

1.)    Keep to who you are. The evolution of your look in suddenly having hair, while a confidence boost to be sure, is not going to change you. Try a new cut, add color or extensions according to who you are, what you are about, your age, your job, etc. In many cases we find clients want less a whole new look as they do just to get back what they had when they were most comfortable being who they felt they were.

2.)    Avoid the trap of trying to look too young. Following from the above, indeed one of the very best aspects of what Guci Image is about is that for many of the men and women who come to us we literally restore their youth…by adding hair. What a great reward it is for us to watch our client’s vim and vigor return. But we do warn in the evolution of your hair revolution to be mindful of the age you are. Certainly revel in the confidence a CTR unit or some extensions will give you but we all know how off-putting it can be when a man or woman tries to dress/act too young.

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