Old The Five Rules Of Wearing Hair For The Male Rock Star… Even If You’re Not Really a Rock Star-Part 11

We present part two of our The Five Rules Of ‘Wearing Hair’ For The Male Rock Star… Even If You’re Not Really a Rock Star.

In good hands with Guci Image for hair restoration, units and additions that can’t be detected, there are some tried and true rules we suggest for our male clients with longer locks to follow.

Picking-up where we left off:

Third, don’t be afraid of change. Might you want to alter your style-even cut those tresses?-go ahead and consult our Guci Image technician on the changes you might want to make. Whether what you might want to do is drastic or slight, adding curl, color or cutting, we can accommodate so the hair you wear keeps ‘fitting’ with our usual excellent ‘visuality.’

Fourth, you might actually have to pay attention to your hair more. Surely Guci Image systems and processes are meant to service the guy (and girl) on the go, but as with women maintaining SHE or GREAT LENGTHS extensions, as you had before you hair began thinning, to keep long locks looking lovely, you need make sure you attend to whatever process or piece you are coming to Guci Image for…maybe even more so now that you are wearing hair. That means caring for the hair you wear as best you can. Using Guci recommended conditioners and shampoos and keeping to your regularly scheduled service.

Fifth and finally…consult, consider and choose. Guci Image has a wide variety of hair restoration/hair replacement options for men (wearing their hair short or long). Consult Guci Image and we will help you keep your locks with the very best hair wearing option that works for you.

Take that first step to keeping that Male Rock Star long hair look Even If You’re Not Really a Rock Star, though your hair is thinning. Step into our Paramus N.J. salon and not miss a step maintaining those locks you love.