Old Twiggy Proves Age Is Just A State of Mind, Not A State Of Hair

It started with her hair cut, and now is once again about her hair. Mega waif superstar model, face-of-the-60’s Twiggy returns in a L’Oréal Professionnel blonde hair highlighting campaign. The 65 year-old British Lady joins the ranks of Helen Mirren (for L’Oréal specifically) and a whole host of more ‘mature’ ladies advertising hair and beauty products for a wide variety of companies. Proving beauty is timeless, as much as any women could use the products being sold, it’s great to see someone as well known-at least very well known at one time-as Twiggy back in an advertising campaign. As the lady herself says of it all: “My hair has always been important to me and has been a big part of my image throughout the years.”

At Guci Image we also believe hair can be a big part of a woman (and man’s) image. It’s for this reason that we champion anyone’s desire for hair restoration at whatever age they come to see us. Extensions, Lace Wigs, micro-grafting, whatever it is a client comes to us for, can start really at any age that person wishes to begin the process. Granted the more time that passes and the more your thinning or balding is noticeable the more drastic-and noticeable-the change when you do start to avail yourself of a Guci service or product. But get in to our Paramus, New Jersey salon at any time of your life, we say and we can help restore that which you dream of.

Because beauty truly does indeed come from within, beauty is timeless. Whether you are a model of icon status coming round once again on a world-wide stage or working Guci Image magic to keep yourself looking the very best you can, you can tap into the beauty we all have in a multitude of ways.