Old 2015 GOLDEN GLOBES ‘Globes’

Take your pick over whose ‘do’ looked more stunning: Amy Adams in updated S-waves; Claire Danes in her loose chignon pony pretzel; co-host Tina Fey weathering more than a few outfit changes while maintaining her own pony or Jared Leto once again getting all the attention with his long hair, though this time pulled back into, yes, another pony tail. It was fashion and hair that were on display on the red carpet and during the event, as it always is for the 2015 Golden Globes.

One can only imagine the primping, spraying and even screaming that is going on in those limos as the stars get closer to emerging and they fret to the end about how their hair looks. What products are kept in purses? How many stylists are riding along in backseats? Just how many last minute touch-ups and teasing is done on-the-fly?

When you wear hair a last minute touch-up, on-the-fly styling to make your ‘do’ what you want it to do cannot really be done. Starting with a regularly serviced CTR unit, well kept Lace Wigs or frequently attended hair extension (and more), at Guci Image our ethos is not to wait until the last minute or rely too heavily on the hasty touch-up.

In the end the Golden Globes, all these award shows actually, are about fashion and the see-and-be-seen-scene of the night and less even about the work these stars do. Good or bad, that’s the way it plays out and we watch of course making our own judgments and daydreaming how we’d love that dress or to be him or her.

But remember Guci Image takes more care with your hair so you are never caught on the red carpet of your life wishing you had an extra few more seconds for your ‘do.’

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc