Old Every Day Can Be “The Ice Bucket Challenge” When You Wear Hair

Tennis great Andre Agassi tells the story of stepping out onto center court during a crucial match in 1990 when he was sporting full long locks that were not his and worrying more about the piece staying in place then his actual play that day. He had washed his hair before the match and his piece fell apart for some reason he still does not understand and his brother had to help him clip it together and to his head. Agassi was more worried about his hair falling off and exposing him to millions then even the match he was playing; artfully bald now Agassi doesn’t have those worries presently. But in light of the recent “Ice Bucket Challenge” that seems to be trending this past week (doesn’t it seem that every week it’s something new that people are getting into and that the public grabs hold of?) for those of us who wear hair even the hint of having water suddenly dumped on our head (ice cold or not) does give each and every one of us a momentary shutter of Agassi-like fear.

That’s why you need not worry when it comes to what you wear from Guci Image. The litany of techniques of attachment (read here about Cold Fusion for extensions, just one of our techniques) are well tested and scientifically proven to work for the long term. You don’t have to worry being surprised by any element change or the accidental push into the pool. Walking and wearing with confidence is what Guci Image is all about and even if you go far and beyond never experiencing The Ice Bucket Challenge or playing a tennis match in front of the world (and you might actually go through your days never having to experience either) you can know that the hair you wear is not going anywhere.