Old Stolen Hair in Houston

Some people want extensions…and some people really want them!

In Houston a group of thieves stole their way into the “Beauty Sensation” salon in the early morning hours and took human hair extensions (the only kind Guci Image uses, by the way) and wigs. The estimate was that thousands of dollars in wearable hair was stolen in this heist.

And you say your Great Length She Hair Extensions are important to you?!

When it comes to what items could be and might be stolen, anything made well has high value; certainly well made hair is worth money on the open market. And since hair-for-wear is one of those many commodities that really can’t be traced back to its stolen source, it is all the better for thieves to fence.

We are happy you love the hair extensions we fit you with (as we find our clients who wear them always are). They are indeed valuable not only because of how well they are made, what they are made of (again, 100% human air) and because of the durable Cold Fushion method of attachment, but because we know wearing hair in the form of extentions or wigs makes you feel that much better about your appearance. And our clients feeling better about how they look, seeing their confidence bolstered, realizing they have a partner in Guci Image who cares about their long term hair care is what we cherish the most, what is valuable to us.

If you are a lady who has yet to make the decision to be fitted for Guci Image extensions or a man who is on the fence about wearing hair in the form of a CTR or any of our other options, we urge you to contact Guci Image now, for a free consultation and become one of the people we truly value.

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Guci Image Inc