Old Reasons for Hair Loss in Teenagers

People normally associate hair loss with older individuals typically with people who are in their late 50s. Unfortunately, today it is common for teenagers to experience symptoms of balding, thinning or shedding. When hair loss strikes, it can certainly disrupt a teenager’s self-confidence, self-esteem and social life. Therefore, it is important to realize the reasons for hair loss in teenagers in order to avoid them. If you are a teenager and you notice any signs of hair loss or baldness, remember you are not alone. There are hundreds of girls and boys in their teenage who share your experience. The best thing you can do to improve the health of your hair is stay informed.

What are the major reasons for hair loss in teenagers?

Anyone in their teenage loses more than 100 strands a day should seek medical help without any delay. Hair loss is among some of the first few sign of illness. Health care professionals can ascertain whether the cause of teenage hair loss lies in an illness, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, medication side effect or genetic predisposition. There can be several reasons for losing hair. Right from hereditary factors, to health problems to using harsh chemical hair dyes, anything can lead to hair loss. Read further to learn more about hair loss in teenagers.


Hormonal changes are the most common cause of hair loss in teens. From the onset of puberty throughout the teenage years, boys and girls experience hormonal fluctuations. During this time, the body need extra support. This is why, it is important to include vitamin supplementation, exercise, adequate sleep, good nutrition and ample relaxation. On the contrary, many teens nowadays have bad eating and sleeping habits. They often prefer to spend their time socializing, leaving little if any time for fresh air and exercise. These habits often take a toll on their health and wreak havoc on the hormonal system often leading to hair loss.

Hair Growth Interruption

If the body endures stress due to incidences such as surgery or a traumatic life occurrence, your hair growth cycle may be temporarily disrupted.

Health Problems

If your scalp has suddenly formed oval or oval patches of bald skin, you may have a condition known as alopecia areata. This condition is thought to occur when your immune system wrongfully attacks your hair follicles, but doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes that to happen or what might treat it.

Unconscious Hair Pulling and Plucking

Unconscious hair pulling or plucking is often the result of different behaviors – Styling and Trichotillomania. Excessive styling and using chemical based hair products can result into hair loss. When it comes to Trichotillomania, this is a psychological disorder occurs when a teenage boy or girl pulls their hair until it is uprooted, often leaving large areas of damaged follicles, thin hair or baldness.

Prescription Medications

Medications are often prescribed to treat a variety of health conditions among teenagers. Acne medications, thyroid disorders and contraceptive medicines are just a few examples of the most common medications that may cause hair loss.

Poor Diet

Improper eating habits can lead to several health issues, and one among them is hair loss. Lack of good nutrition will make it very difficult for your body to get the macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are essential to maintain healthy hair.

Another surprise for the world today is hair loss in children. There are many kids who face excessive hair loss due to number of reasons.

Though, hair loss treatments are made available to people today, it is important that you understand the reasons and avoid the causes in order to reduce the impact of hair loss and signs of baldness.

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