The Big Day With Kim, Kayne…and You?

The Big Day With Kim, Kayne…and You?

Like everybody else who is anybody you are probably as much worrying over what you are going to wear to the wedding as trying to determine just what gift you are going to buy Kim and Kayne  It’s truly a daunting, enough to make you not want to even be on the guest list. Khloe Kardashian is so worried about her sister’s nuptials she went out and had colorist Anita Burton hit her locks with pale gold highlights for the big day.

And here you thought you had style worries!

They say the clothes make the man but let’s face it for all of us (men and women) who wear hair it is our hair that ‘makes’ our confidence, our style, our sense of ourselves. Whether you are indeed stepping out to a high-end wedding or just hanging round the pool this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair or if anyone is looking at your hair wondering if…That really is the thing when you come to Guci Image isn’t it, detection? You want to be assured that what we have fitted you with, what you come to us on a regular basis for, what our stylists work hard to work seamlessly into you already existing thinning hair or are fashioning to cover your bald areas is natural looking to the point that it cannot be undetected.

This is why our Micro-grafting is so scientifically precise, why we worked so very hard in creating real hair hair extensions, why we create scheduling with our clients for regular visits, why we take the time and care to do what we do the way that we do it. The consistent update of our scientific techniques, artfully crafted hair and commitment to undetectable applications is what sees our clients walk our of our Paramus, N.J, office confident to face the day, no matter what it is they are about to face.

Everyday is a big day for looking your best.

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