Gwyneth Paltrow & Blo

Once again celebrity meets the business of hair. It seems actress Gwyneth Paltrow and ‘celebrity’ hairstylist David Babaii teamed up with the “Blo” salon chain (called the ‘original blow dry bar’) in hopes to present affordable yet stellar blowouts to all women everywhere. Expounding ton he Blow Dry Bar’s ethos of “no cuts no color” Blo, Paltrow and Babaii are set to take the future of the brand’s franchising to new heights.

Just last year though Paltrow and her trainer Tracy Anderson revealed plans to open a blow dry bar together in L. A. An obvious direct competition to Blo (among others) these non-cut blow and go places are certainly all the rage now in L.A. and beyond. Anderson does have a place currently but is not involved in this new venture with Paltrow and David Babaii, who Vogue nicknamed “The King Of Curls.”

Of course high profile marriages like this always garner a bunch of attention but actresses and actors weighing in on fashion lines or hair care can cause more than a little wry interest. Are they truly interested in the business? Have they been prompted by savvy business managers to put their name on a trend? Who knows how the wicked whims of our rich and tame-less work, really, but stories like this one do tend to invite suspicion.

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