Old Beyoncé and her Braids

Not that Beyoncé (or at least her close relatives) haven’t been in the news enough lately. But it seems Miss Bey got some more attention this week…because of braids she was sporting.

During a night out with hubby Jay Z the singer was photographed and subsequently the subject of many a blog because of the super long golden braids she was wearing. It’s not that celebrities of Beyoncé’s fame don’t change their hair often. In fact, this lady has been out in braids plenty before, in January she posted a pic of herself in braids on Instagram and in May of last year Beyoncé managed a full braid up-do while in Cuba celebrating her five year wedding anniversary.
As many a lady knows-clients of Guci Image or not-wearing braids, extensions, or simply fixing your hair into any specifically tight style or design can take lots of effort and time. In our business when a lady comes into our Paramus N.J. salon for either of our two types of extensions-SHE and Great Lengths-a specially trained technician works with, applies and helps design the length, cut and color of the extension so it works far and away NOT like Beyoncé’s style…we don’t want what we give you to be noticed for anything but beyond how great it looks!

That’s really the difference between all that we do and the do’s you see on celebrities most cases. Celebs like Miss Bey very much want to be noticed wearing their hair, flaunting the fact that they are wearing wigs (in the case of a Dolly Parton or a Nicki Minaj) or very much want to rock their extensions for maximum recognition. We want you to sport the look you want, rock the color you dream of, flip and flash your full rich extensions to one and all, but at Guci Image our job is to provide you with the hair you wear undetected.