Women’s Hair Damage

Now, talk about some hair damage…

Myrella Ikeda, a Brazilian citizen who lives in Maryland-and wants to work as a model-is suing J. Sisters salon in midtown NYC for nearly $3 million. After her 2011 appointment (her court case is just now coming around to being heard) at the high-end salon Ikeda claims she found her scalp burned and hair falling out. J Sisters, known for pioneering the Brazilian Bikini Wax, boasts a clientele that includes Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz to name but a few. Ms. Ikeda says that the damage done to her hair and scalp permanently ruined her modeling plans.

Whether or not the above happened-or in the way Ikeda claims-one thing is certainly true…women need be ever careful what they do to their slap and hair. It isn’t so hard for a lady in this day and age to manage considerable damage with chemicals, straightening and a whole host of other processes. Yes, often times one can ‘wait it out’ as hair grows back or one’s scalp recovers, but as we have seen at Guci Image too many times, prolonged unhealthy applications of dyes, continued treatments of processes like Japanese straightening and a whole bunch of other culprits can lead to long lasting negative hair/scalp effects.

Luckily Guci Image has some solutions for Women’s Hair Damage

Our White Diamond Ultra-Sonic Wave Technology treatment incorporates infrared light and ultrasonic waves to repair damaged hair. The WD penetrates deep into the cortex of a lady’s hair in turn restoring the very life to the shaft. It is a patented technique that has seen fantastic results for our female clientele time and again.

Our LLLT or Low Level Laser Light Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that not only can thicken and repopulate thinning hair for a lady but also treat the scalp to unheralded rejuvenation. A safe and effective procedure, we have seen time and again the restoration of luxurious hair and better scalp health because of LLLT.

It is so easy for a woman to damage her hair with the many dye applications and other hair processes all too readily available these days. Guci Image is a salon that can help with the repair to your hair and scalp when you’ve seen the unfortunate negative effects of these processes and colorings.

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