Old ‘Trending’ With The Royals

The latest hair style ‘trending’ presently (trending is word that could only have been created through our cyber-social media sensibilities, isn’t it?) seems to be something stylists are calling “the lob.” Nothing much more then a long bob cut, it seems that not only celebs like Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lawrence are sporting this cut for the warmer weather but now a true almost-royal has fashioned her locks in the cut. Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate (the Kate married to Prince William ) sported the short summer style at a high end affair in London this past week and her ‘do’ made all the net news. In the UK, royals are celebrities, certainly young ones and even family members of ones. It’s no surprise people are ‘Trending’ With The Royals even if they are only talking about Pippa Middleton’s lob.

Here in the U.S.-as much in New Jersey as anywhere else-women and men follow the trends and styles of their favorite celebs (who are pretty much our royals.) It will be no surprise when many women are seen wearing ‘the lob’ in the upcoming months. And the ladies are not alone in following styles, men do it too! But as all of us who wear hair know, simply cutting or coloring to follow a trend isn’t always so easy to do.

Guci Image certainly wants to keep you ‘trending’ in any way we can. With the CTR system made to last for only a short amount of time, our She and Great Lengths Hair extensions created with high grade real hair we work hard to make all the styles, cuts and colors you wear-for no matter how long you wear each one-to be something worth its very own trend.

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