Don’t be a ‘Hairialist’, Take Care Of Your Hair

Don’t be a ‘Hairialist’, Take Care Of Your Hair

Talk about abusing your hair…Samantha Pitard and seven other acrobats perform the “human chandelier” routine at Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey circus. As unexpectedly as you can imagine the eight ladies fell to the ground at a show in Providence over the weekend! The plunge was 35 feet for these women who have performed this routine plenty of times before and it seems a single 5’’ clip was the culprit in the fall of these daring, but now to be ever more cautious, ‘Hairialist’ performers.

As Pitard revealed to Good Morning America, when it comes to the hair of herself and her fellow performers: “You can’t diet. You can’t use product in it. You can’t blow dry it. You can’t straighten it. It has to just be natural. You also just have to have the right hair, the right thickness, the right strength.”

This last statement sounds like the good hair care mantra Guci Image lives by. We stress a healthy hair regiment…even though in many cases our clients are ‘wearing hair’ in some way or another. For those who are looking for better scalp health or to bolster what they already have, treatments like our  “White Diamond” Ultra Sonic Hair Repair and even the health benefits of our Low Laser Light treatments as much promote hair growth, as they do revitalize the scalp.

A healthy scalp, soft shining hair that bounces, the repairing of damaged hair (maybe not from twirling at a circus but certainly from the everyday blow drying and coloring of our locks) is so very important for men and women both. At our Paramus NJ salon our job is as much about replacing hair and thickening thinning for men and women both, as it is about making sure our clients hair and scalp are as healthy as they can be.


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