How to Stop post-pregnancy hair loss?

How to Stop post-pregnancy hair loss?

When you get your baby, you hair condition is not that joyous. So,

How to Stop post-pregnancy hair loss?

So, let’s start with what can happen to your hair after giving birth.

Hair has a natural rhythm where it grows, rests and sheds. The activation of the pregnancy
hormones slows down the shedding part of the cycle. This means your hair be at your best during
this time. All the bliss comes to an end when your hormone levels have returned to normal along
with the hair cycle. After a few months of giving birth, you will shed a lot of your hair during the
previous nine months.

However all good things must come to an end and once hormone levels have returned to normal, so does the hair cycle and a few months after giving birth you will shed the hair you would do
normally plus the hair you accumulated during the previous nine months.
Hair loss in women reduces to the normal state at a later stage. Once your hormones have stabilized, so will your hair condition. Sometimes changes in the hormones can mean you lose more hair than normal, and they also look thin. So, what can you do?

Hair Oils: For hair thinning, there are lot of natural oils in the market. Coconut hair oil is one of the best for hair conditioning.

Hair Supplements: Hair supplements can sometimes really make a difference. The ingredients in a good hair supplement are biotin, selenium and zinc. They not only encourage hair growth but also ensures strong growth.

Hair extensions: Hair extensions can add confidence to your thin hair. As long as you apply you
hair extensions the right way and the quality of the hair extension is good, they will not tug o your
natural hair and aggravated he situation. It is better for women in their post-pregnancy to leave
their hair a few months to allow hormones to get back to normal before having extensions put in for the first time. If you are a regular ‘extensioner’ , you can have them through your pregnancy, as well as post birth.

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