Old Does Color Make the Richie…Or You?

nicole-richie-purple-hair-color-joel-instagram-mainThere are just those celebrities that are well known for certain skills they display in public…actors, musicians, etc. Then there are the spate of reality show stars that don’t seem to have much to contribute other than their over-the-top personalities. Then there are the rich and infamous who are simply so (or start out that way) because they are the offspring of famous people. Nichole Richie could be said to skirt a few of these celebrity-making characteristics, but the woman has her hands in so many pies, her parentage seems to be only the jumping-off point to her notoriety.

You can see all this young entrepreneur is into on her site: http://www.nicolerichie.com/fashion-and-beauty/

And of course there is the purple hair.

In a recent spread for Paper’s May issue Richie posed in and around the luscious environs of her L.A. spread, showing-off as much the color of her gardens as her personality…and hair.  The star of the “The Simple Life” show has sported some interesting dos in her day, not to mention colors.

The purple she now sports certainly keeps paparazzi coming round.

It’s interesting for those of us who wear hair, while we’d love to enjoy the largess and freedoms celebrities have (let’s face it, who wouldn’t just die to be a celebrity for a day?!) we balance between wanting our hair to look great, stylish and maybe even stand-out-to a point…and be completely unnoticed. The everyday guy or girl working and living in northern New Jersey where our offices are (actually most everyday ‘guy’ and ‘girl’ no matter where they are living) truly can’t pull-off purple hair. And if that hair of yours is extensions or a CTR unit, your Guci Image stylist will always be the sounding board for any flights of fancy you might want to try and offer good reasons why your ideas might be fantastic or will bring you undue and unwanted scrutiny.

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