The Other Woman: Nicki Manaj Hair Changes At A Break Neck Speed

Nicki Manaj The Other WomanIf you want to see wild wigs and hair changes occurring at breakneck speed you need look no further then the new female-revenge flick The Other Woman. Specifically it is Nicki Minaj who changes her hair in the film more times than she does her clothes. Changes for movie star and rock star’s hair, in and out of a movie or on stage, is de rigueur of course, but we can accommodate changes here at Guci Image as well.

As “Lydia,” assistant to Cameron Diaz’s character Minaj spits out advice, offers up wide-eyed enthusiasm and basically shutters disbelief over what happens around her. Her wild hair changes befit her character for sure and were styled by “Sex and the City” Paol Nieddu and Patricia Field. As anyone who knows Nikci Manaj, she is a woman used to sporting often outrageous wigs/hair color-and cuts-and outfits. But for the films she claims: “I have new hair in every scene.”

At Guci Image we certainly understand a desire for men and women who ‘wear hair’ to change their style, add color, shift round cuts. Certainly it takes a little more attention here than simply slipping on and off wigs. But whether you want to change a CTR system or change the look or length of your extensions, we can get the job done. Maybe we can’t precisely see you switch your look as quickly as Nicki M., but the beauty of what we do-and we have studied hard to be able to do it-is that we can as much add a slow progression of more hair so your thinning is filled-in without anyone realizing it or we can offer a even a natural thinning or a graying of a male hair system as it befits your age or the look you want.

Try us for your hair changes as much as hair replacement and scalp health.

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