When Hair Gets Political: Mocking Kim Jong-un

When Hair Gets Political: Mocking Kim Jong-un

Yes, sometimes hair can get political. In the case of mocking someone like Korean leader Kim Jong-un things can get slightly scary, as they did in London recently. It seems the long reach of our more ‘interesting’ political leaders can be far indeed…and not always so ready to simply ‘pat’ those who have a little fun at their expense

Who would have known Kin Jon-un could be so self conscious of his image?

Mo Nabbach, who runs the M&M Hair Academy in South Ealing used a picture of the Koren autocrat to promote his salon’s discounted haircuts. The M&M happens to be but not a few miles from London’s North Korean embass and it seems two unidentified men paid the saloon/school a visit demanding the poster the store had hung (which read “Bad Hair Day? 15% off all gent cuts through the month of April.” sporting Un’s picture on it) be taken down. Nabbach told the gentlemen to scram, and London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed they had “”spoken to all parties involved” but no action would be taken.

There is no accounting for one’s sense of humor (or lack of it) or what is deemed inappropriate to some and simply humorous to others. In the good old USA of course-at our Paramus, N.J. USA offices to be exact-one can pretty much display any hair on their head they like. And we assure you nobody is going to mock you for it/

We here at Guci Image work hard to make sure your style, color and hair restoration/replacement is not detected, mainly by making sure it ‘fits’ you in every definition of that word. This is why we urge even those potential clients of ours just simply looking to consider hair replacement in the northern New Jersey area, that they contact us here.

Don’t spend too many days with suffering through a Bad Hair Day like Kim Jong- un does.



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