The Normal Progression Of Aging…For A Man Wearing Hair

Heed well your Guci Image technician/stylists’ opinion for wearing hair. They look at you from a professional vantage point and will be able to honesty advise when the time is right to add a sprig of grey to your CTR unit or thin the top out a bit. Men, as well as women, must be aware of the normal progression of aging and how one is ‘supposed’ to appear appropriate to that age. The normal progression of age…for a man wearing hair is something Guci Image considers well.

Yes, that ‘supposed to’ is a subjective assessment. One of the reasons you wear hair is in fact to appear younger. But hair replacement, extensions, a ‘unit’ does you no good if it doesn’t ‘fit’ you…in more ways than one. Vanity certainly can take hold and wrestle our reason to the mat, but listening well to your Guci professional will see you leaving our offices in good stead, wearing hair no one will recognize is not yours.

And that is the point truly. The CTR unit has a finite life simply because it is not made for longevity….it is made for what Guci president Joe Lore calls “visuality.” The CTR is made of thinness of skin making it undetectable, but also un-reusable. Like adding grey to your hair or thinning the top out, even slightly appropriate changes to the way your hair should appear at any given age, you seemingly make the hair you wear your own hair. Ignore your vanity-sometimes-for a more realistic wearing hair approach, it will serve you better in the end.

If you are a balding man yet to make the decision to wear hair, contact Guci Image now for a consultation.: We can easily set you on the road to what hair replacement process or piece works best for your needs.

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