Hair Cuts, Styles and Colors Force Updates in School Policy

Hair Cuts, Styles and Colors Force Updates in School Policy

Mike Barker is a junior at West Iron County High School in Michigan. At the age seventeen one would expect some testosterone-riddled silliness coming from this young man. But what has gained Mike near national acclaim and a Facebook page with over 2,300 supporters is something he did that is very touching indeed. Mike cut and colored his hair into a bright pink Mohawk to support his mother, who is battling breast cancer. Now his hair cut, style and color is forcing an update (or at least a consideration of it) of his school’s policy.

Unfortunately Mike’s high school track team authorities told him he needed to either shave the pink Mohawk or leave the team as both cut and color violates school policy.

Mike says: “I picked family,” keeping the color and cut.

Mike’s story is very much like that of nine year old Kamryn Renfro who shaved her head in solidarity to her best friend who went bald from chemo treatments. Her school’s dress policy, which Kamryn was supposedly violated’ relented after a vote prompted by public outcry waived the school’s policy.

What we wear, say and how we seemingly style our hair, at any age, can make quite the comment and in this day of blindingly fast social media posts, can cause a brush-fire like response. At Guci Image we like you to consider your cut, color and type of hair replacement/restoration just as carefully, albeit for different reasons. Contact us now for a free consultation:

We applaud Mike, Kamryn and all the other men and women, young and old, who take it upon themselves to uphold standards and fight for what they believe in…especially in such non violent ways.

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