The True Long (and short) Story of Female Hair Extensions

You might catch a Dolly Parton or an Oprah obviously sporting a wig, but hair extensions are a much more subtle hair addition many women wear. Rest assured when you see a celebrities like a Lindsay Lohan suddenly throwing some hair round she might be/very will is wearing extensions. And rest assured, Guci Image is a top provider of Female Hair Extensions.

But here at Guci though we not only add extensions for length (as lots of women do) we also know how to, and very often add extensions to our female clients’ hair for thickness. Being one of the very first salons to offer the Cold Fusion attachment method we have relied on both our Great Lengths and SHE extensions for the intricate Female Hair Extensions work we have successfully been at for over a decade now.

The actual quality of the hair, as well as the process of attaching it, is what makes a hair extension success. Guci Image uses the highest form of Keratin-Protein based attachments available on the market today and we attach attach our extensions  without heat or glue! By using a patented Ultra-Sonic Wave Technology Guci greatly limits the risks of damage to a client’s existing hair or to the extension.

Simply put, as a preeminent hair loss clinic, well renown on the east coast, we have a much stricture standard to maintain then just any saloon attaching extensions you might wear for a little bit.

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