Spank That Myth: Wearing Hats Does Not Cause Hair Loss

The simple fact is: wearing hats does not cause hair loss. One would need to wear one’s hat so tight as to cut off circulation to effect hair follicles to fall out, and nobody can wear a hat that tight…at least not for a long period of time without passing out!

Sure, traction alopecia has been known to happen in women waiting tight braids over a prolonged period of time (one of the reasons why we suggest Guci technicians apply, work-on and consult with our women clients on their extensions) but there is no scientific evidence to support the hair-loss-by hat myth.

Sure it might seem we are leaving lots of hair in our hats, but remember what you see in a hat is an accumulation of natural hair loss (adult human loose from 80 to 100 strands daily normally) but wearing at hat, as using different hair products, as standing on your head or getting too much sun or excessively blow drying your hair-although not great for your hair-will increase hair loss.

Wearing a hat can be a sign that the wearer is covering-up their thinning hair or bald scalp but it won’t make one’s hair thin or cause baldness. Still, those of us challenged by thinning or baldness would love a reasonably easily reversible cure…such as just chucking away the old chapeaux and maybe having a good scrub with some new shampoo. Unfortunately some of us are simply saddled with genetics that can cause hair loss. There are other of reasons as well for a thinning scalp(see here: Women’s Hair Loss  & Men’s Hair Loss )

Luckily Guci has the solution to men and women hair loss.

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