Old 4 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Most of the people think about preventing hair loss only after loosing a lot of it. If you start early, it is a lot easier, both emotionally and financially to fight the causes of hair loss. To be frank, preventing hair loss is a simpler process than treating hair loss.

Ways to prevent hair loss

  1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle: Like your skin and nails, hair is also an indication of your general health. If you are healthy, your hair is healthy. If your hair is falling, it probably could be a sign of bad health. Everything you do for good health applies to your hair, such as eat your fruits and vegetables. Consume a rich diet in Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium, Zinc and protein rich. Also, drink lots of water.

  1. Pay attention to your stresses: When applying a conditioner or hair lotion, always focus on the ends of your hair. It dries out faster and is more vulnerable to the damage from exposure. Trimming your mane will make your hair look and feel better and you can bid a goodbye to clinging split ends.

  1. Things that are bad for your hair:

Avoid hairstyles that tug hard on your hair, such as a tight ponytail or braids. Many women also pull their hair sometimes from the roots. If you change your hairstyle, there are chances you might recover your hair or else your hair might permanently stop growing from the areas it is pulled out from.

Stay away from any chemical hair loss treatments, even the herbal ones that are designed to drastically change the way your hair looks. This includes styling, perming, straightening, hot-oil treatments, hot ironing.

Blow-drying dries out the scalp and damages hair follicles. Let your hair dry for some time or change the heat setting on your blower to the lowest.

When you comb your hair or rough towel it, this will put some hair strands from the roots and stretch and break others. Most people do not realize but even the habit of pulling out hair might do more harm than you realize.

4. Some Home treatments

  • Use the entire egg to condition normal hair; egg whites to treat oily hair and use egg yolks to moisturize dry, brittle hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse with a shampoo.

  • Rinse your hair with a decoction of tea or a bit of lemon squeezed into the water.
    Apply coconut or almond oil on the scalp overnight before shampooing. You can also apply a drop to the top of your head before you comb.

  • Never take your hair for granted. 

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