Oscar Hair

Legendary Liza sported a blue streak, Jared Leto rocked long locks and Margot Robbie went with a plum coloring. Once again another awards show (The 2013 Academy Awards to be exact) had us all aware of celebrity hair, as we are of everything else our brightest and bestest get up to as they walk cross red carpets and sit in an ever-self appraising audience.

Whatever you make of these shows and those of their ilk, be they Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Tony’s, it cannot be denied that all eyes are on what stars are wearing (and they are repeatedly asked who they are wearing when they stop to gab on the red carpet) and how they look. Obsessed? Certainly we are, but don’t feel bad, so is the rest of the world.

From Leto’s long do and Jennifer Lawrence’s brush-backed style (she was up for an award for starring in a movie-American Hustle-that saw some very interesting 70’s hair styles on display) if our celebrities are any judge, there is no one trending style presently when it comes to hair. This is a good fact for us all really in that maybe cultural has evolved to the point where all cuts, colors, styles, extensions, augmentations are considered.\

Heck, if Oscar Hair can be so diverse us regular peons can wear just about cut and color we want, right?

God knows we at want you to feel this way with what you wear from Guci Image. Color, cut, extensions to implants, laser scalp treatments whatever it is you come to us for your hair style should be one you feel fits your personal fashion.


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