Old Who Is Wearing Hair And Why Should We Care

The website http://www.nicehair.org/ has a whole section outing those celebs they think (and in some cases have had confirmed) are wearing hair. There are plenty of other spots a spin of your mouse will bring you to that reveal snuck pics of both men and women sans hair or extensions, before-and-after hair replacement snaps or career timeline comparisons for who might be not sporting their original locks presently. For those men who wear a system like Guci’s CTR, a lady who enjoys her look from our SHE hair extensions, having one’s hair noticed for anything other than for how luxurious it is, or how great our color or cut might be is our very worst fear.

Imagine living with the scrutiny of TMZ-like paparazzi lying in wait for every imperfection they could exploit?!

It really is a twist on the old axiom ‘there before the grace of ‘my stylist’ go I’ when it comes to criticizing hair the restoration/replacement/additions or even just scalp treatments of others. This is why those of us sporting some sort of hair that is not our original locks are probably not so interested in a site like the one above.

Through the multitude Guci Image processes men and women do indeed get through their day looking their best and not having their hair agumentation detected. If you have yet to look into a Guci Image system or process, do so here with a free consultation.

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc