Old It’s A Woman’s Prerogative To Change Her Hair Color: Even Britney Does It

At Guci Image we are all for changes in cut and color, additions and whatever else is possible within the hair you are currently wearing. Just look at Britney Spears going all fire red in her new Vegas show “Piece of Me.” Running from blonde to brunette (and a whole bunch of cuts along the way) even sporting that infamous bald plate for a bit, the 32-year singer/pop/diva debuted her latest red hair this past week in Vegas. Could be a wig, true, but the lady was sporting her red tresses during the post-show ‘meet-and-greet’, so one wonders.

So changing your color, adding highlights are all a woman’s (and even a man’s) prerogative…but unlike Miss Spears you won’t have someone-other then yourself-attending to you 24/7. Considering a new color (or cut) within the confines of what we do for you, we suggest a good long talk with your stylist. It’s not that you can’t undo a do with us, it’s just that the involved process as you have either experienced or can imagine with Guci Image begs you take as much care considering a color as you do a cut.

But here at Guci Image we are all always about indulging a woman’s prerogative…and we really do like Britney Spears.