Let’s Hear It For Discretion at Guci

Let’s Hear It For Discretion at Guci

As our clients well know (and if you are not yet a client please be assured), whatever you come to Guci Image for ‘it’ pretty much remains…as secret. Yes, we laser treatments for scalp health and as much can advise on color and cut, but the largest percentage of our business is providing men and women with discreet hair replacement and additions, by follicular transplantation, with a hair system like our CTR, with extensions and by many other methods.

This is a business we take very seriously, let’s face it Guci would not be where we are today if we did not approach hair restoration the way we do. And beyond our expertise in the fitting, cutting and researching in what we do, we take discretion in what we do very seriously indeed.

UK royal hairdresser Denise McAdam was less then discreet this past week as she began sniping on the hair styles and even attitudes (and she claims she has quite a bit more to tell, maybe she is looking for a book deal?) Kate Middleton, Princess Anne and the rest of the British royal family in an interview with the UK’s Radio Times. The ex royal hair stylist presently stars on a hair styling competition reality show in Britain called Hair, but McAdam did take care of the Queen’s familys’ tresses a good 35 years.

She did say that Madonna has the best hair of anyone she ever worked with, so at least that’s something positive.

Being a celebrity one is constant fodder for attack…good or bad, true or false. But God knows the very last person anyone would ever think to spill the beans about deep secrets is one’s hair dresser! These men and women who cut and color us, who-in our case-fit you with hair not your own but work to make it look like it is your own are akin to priests and spouses when it comes to the deep down secrets they may know.

Here at Guci Image discretion is certainly the better part of valor.


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