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Surely you noticed the commercials, the pre-game T.V. predictions, just the entire pomp and circumstance surrounding this year’s Superbowl (taking place in E. Rutherford N.J. of all places…twenty minutes from Guci Image), but how about Bruno Mars’ hair?

The Hawaiian-born R&B crooner pretty much knocked the crowd back on its feet during his halftime performance (with a little help from The Red Hot Chili Peppers popping out for a quick version of “Give it Away”). But despite the opening drum solo Mars executed with aplomb, the supper cool 50’s style sparkly jackets he and his band sported and his James Brown moves, it was the bouffant-topped modern pompadour, the ‘fromp’ (fro and pomp combined) the singer sported that saw as much attention as Joe Namath’s fur coat.

Joking that he used “three gallons of hair spray” to keep his style in style because of the weather (this was the first Superbowl ever played in a cold weather stadium) Mars also had more than a little help getting his signature hair in shape by The Men’s Groomer and Dove Men+Care hair expert Jason Schneidman. Schneidman claims he and Bruno were shooting for an “effortless cool” look to Mars’ style for the day.

What sports fans will never admit is how much the Superbowl is as much about parties, food, those commercials and stuff like Bruno Mars’ hair as it is about the actual game. But we all notice, maybe some more than others, but here are Guci Image it is always about the hair for us.

Our hats off (literally and figurtively) for such styling ‘effortless cool’ from Bruno Mars…and Mr. Schneidman.

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