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Grammys Hair

So it was the Grammy’s the other night (the 56th annual one actually) and there were as many performances to get critics criticizing as there were spectacular outfits to see coming down the red carpet (with music makers in them.) And where there are outfits there is bound to be (and was) lots of bling-able jewelry and… amazing hair.

Katy Perry sported a Renato Camopra-devised Elizabeth Taylor-inspired bun. Queen Latifah had Iasia Merriweather working on what was termed a “GRAMMY Glam-Bob” and as you would come to expect Beyoncé made quite a splash with her wet hair look-thanks to a product called Pantene Pro-V Curly No Crunch Curls Whip-on the opening much-talked about song “Drunk Love.” And none other than Taylor Swift managed some head thrashing while playing the piano and singing that saw her honey locks thrown back and forth in sure headache-inducing fashion.

Not to be outdone, the men of Grammys made a showing, most notably for what they were wearing over or on their hair. Pharrell Williams sported what had to be the biggest hat of the night, a big brown number that some say resembled Smokey The Bear’s hat or the Arby’s fast-food chain symbol and Daft Punk sported two different color helmets for their usual robot garb.

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