Old Where Brad Pitt Goes We Can Go

As much as everyone seems to report on the doings of female celebs and their fashions and styles, it still comes as no surprise when one of Hollywood’s leading hunks changes up his look-even slightly-and sees paparazzi circling even more than usual. At the SAG Awards held just recently none other than Brad Pitt piqued more than the usual interest sporting as he was a hairstyle cut close on the sides and long slicked- back on the top.

Though Angelina’s partner assured E! that his new hair cut is because of “a part…It’s not a choice!” he did say to picture takers hounding him as he passed through LAX later that: “It’s fashion, baby.”

The movie Mr. Pitt is making presently is called “Fury” set in World War 11, so that’s why the unusual, military cut, but we all know how influential celebrity style is. Could this be the male hair style of the coming months for guys everywhere, the ‘fashion’ as Brad promises?

 It’s interesting to note that not only do Guci Image technicians need to be adept at applying a CTR hair technology or performing the delicate task of Micro-Grafting they also are high-end hair stylists. Surely a hair replacement system like CTR starts with the quality of that system; the nuanced work involved in Micro-Grafting is at the heart of the application. Still, our stylists need to see to all manner of ‘normal’ hair cutting procedures, working to get just the right color, specific amount of curl or density, all manner of hair concerns to make sure there is a seamless integration of whatever procedures or techniques are being used so our client leaves confident and happy.

It is for this specific training of our technicians that we can provide a wide variety of cuts, colors and overall looks to the system you are wearing or the hair implantation you come to us for.

Brad Pitt can have his change of look…and so can you.

Guci Image Inc

Guci Image Inc