Old Holi-daze Hair

Is there any time of year that can see us getting nuttier then the holi-daze?! Surely weeks months pre-Thanksgiving then into whatever holiday you might celebrate in December (and beyond) can as much fill you with cheer as bleed your patience and wallet thin. One of the more popular holiday songs might boast that it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” and the weather (in some places) might prompt us to cuddle up in front of a fire with loved ones, but nothing could get you crazier than dodging traffic, trying to make sales, finding just the right gift for a holiday hostess, baking (and eating) too much.

It’s also the time of year one wants to look one’s best. People are rushing to get in early to see their stylists, make appointments to be assured that their hair color and cut are ready for the big parties or the intimate get together’s. And somehow in all the rushing around though there simply never seems to be enough time.

As important as what we do here at Guci is how we do it. This means having the facility and the experts to attend to both the men and woman who come to us for the various hair care, repair and replacement processes that we are known for. Our northern New Jersey facility is as must bustling the holiday time of year as any other business but our business is decidedly to make you look good to go about your holiday business. 

First and foremost we of course wish you a very safe and happy holiday season…and as sane a one as you can muster. But get in early to attend to your holiday hair needs and please avail yourself to the full range of what we offer (all of which you can see here: .https://old-guci-website-content.a9r6yr0c-liquidwebsites.com/