Old Guci On Cable

With Rihanna’s new “Styled to Rock” show on the air, the seemingly consistent spate of cooking competitions and God knows which Housewives from which state vying for attention (not to mention sweet Snookie and Jwow battling their reputations and the English language once a week) where’s one to turn for a unique reality T.V. show alternative?

Premiering just this past week (on November 18th to be exact) on the VSN Network is the new Guci Image program “America’s Top Salon” (see the promo video here: https://old-guci-website-content.a9r6yr0c-liquidwebsites.com/guci-image-media/ ). Michel Thomas, President of VSN congratulated Guci saying: “VSN Network is proud to welcome Guci Image as its first-and foremost-hair loss center in the nation to be featured on America’s TOP Salon.” The first show focused on Guci’s unique hair extensions and patented White Diamond hair repair treatment. https://old-guci-website-content.a9r6yr0c-liquidwebsites.com/white-diamond-ultrasonic-hair-repair-therapy/

Being exposed across a television show is not something just any business can take to. The microscopic inspection of even only a few television broadcasts can invest every day people like a Teresa Giudice with more fame then she might even have thought she wanted from her New Jersey home and certainly a Gordon Ramsay with his MasterChef and his other cooking shows has now become a household name on the lips of people who will probably never even get to taste his cooking. So Guci’s confidence in what they do, how they do it and the people who do it for them is certainly revealed on “America’s Top Salon” show and any others that are sure to follow.