So, Why A Guci Blog?

So, Why A Guci Blog?

God knows there’s too much stuff to read, download and generally look at on the web. We all get our email bombarded with forwards and spam. Who has time in their busy day with all the texts, emails, phone calls, Facebook prompts, tweets hitting us constantly to consider more information? In a world of such a blistering fast news feed spewing the latest about Clooney, Obama, floods, the Giants or Jets, the latest box office tally can we really keep up? In just navigating our own daily dramas should we really make time to read yet another blog?

We here at Guci know it’s not enough to say: ‘Well everybody’s writing a blog, so we have to.’

As we see it, there needs to be a purpose to this, a reason for writing this blog. Your time is limited and valuable, your attention span constantly attacked and you simply have too many options available for us to just think that you have to stop by simply because we’re writing this. Our commitment then is to work hard to make this blog something you will want to read, to make it not just another three paragraphs of mundane ramblings or venomous ranting. If you are already part of the Guci family we want this blog to be entertaining and interesting enough that you’ll come back often to enjoy what’s written here, even drop us emails about stuff from time to time. If you ‘stumble’ upon on us during a Google search we want these words to as much feed your search as maybe fuel another…and of course tickle your interest enough that you stop by again.

God knows, we want what you read here to at least be worth your while.

It might very well be true that every person has a novel inside them. That each of us has a unique life story and if told in an artful and truthful way, might just be a great ‘read.’ We believe that the Guci story, the continuing work we do in hair restoration and repair for men and women, the unique approach we take in a very competitive field, married with our love for the here and now in our culture will make this blog a consistently entertaining read.

And that’s why we are adding our voice to the cacophony you already hear out here in the wild wacky cyber-sphere. Stick with us, say hi, drop us a line and certainly have a look around at the rest of the site.

We hope you stop by often.

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