Old Guci Image Offers Varied Hair Loss Treatments for Women

pdf-downloadHair loss affects both men and women who will do anything to have a full head of hair, rich in volume and fine to touch. It is surely a daunting task to preserve the natural sheen and thickness of hair when it lasts.

Long or short, thick hair of any hue will undoubtedly add beauty to the face. Hence it becomes difficult to cope with the problem of rapid hair loss as loss of hair and bald patches will mar one’s looks. Some people accept a tonsured head happily while many prefer to hide under a wig, hat or scarf.

It is better to tackle hair loss when the problem is in the nascent stage instead of waiting for things to improve and instead aggravating the problem. Solutions flood the market but caution is necessary in selecting the most suitable and credible one. 

New Jersey-based Guci Image (GI) offers the best and right solution to tackle hair loss and hair related problems. Hair loss can be due to genetics, medications, lifestyle or diet. Joseph G. Lore founder and President of Guci Image (GI) delivers suitable solutions to patients with hair related problems at his hair restoration clinic Guci Image (GI) which specializes in hair loss problems occurring in women.

Lore remarked, “I have seen the emotional trauma that women go through when they experience hair loss and I want to convince them that there is a solution available at Guci Image (GI).”

Laser Light Hair Therapy is available in Guci Image (GI), a technique which arrests hair loss and done after Trichometer testing that detects thinning and breakage of hair in early stages. The Great Lengths treatment involves Ultra Sonic Cold Fusion technology which is an advanced hair extension procedure available at Guci Image (GI).

Integration technology and Microfusion are used to treat medical and genetic related hair loss problems in both men and women. Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction (CTR) uses non-surgical skin grafts in both men and women helping them regain hair.

The clinic also offers Multi-stage Chemo Therapy Hair Systems which is especially designed to treat patients suffering hair loss following chemotherapy sessions. All treatments are done after hair loss analysis through Trichometer and Genetic testing, according to clinic sources.

High fashion hair extensions, Stealth (CTR) hair replacement systems for men, COLD Laser hair therapy for stopping the progression of hair loss and the regrowth of natural hair are other services provided at Guci Image (GI).

Special services for women include Women’s Integration Technology for women with severe hair loss and Women’s Micro Fusion Technology for women with moderate hair loss. The Guci

Image (GI) Diagnostic Scope is used to find the cause of hair loss before designing a personal treatment plan.

With more than 20 years’ experience the clinic promises to help patients afflicted with hair loss without surgery, drugs or side effects. The successful treatments will not only help gain hair but also helps people regain lost confidence and a jest for life.