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Following Kelsey Lu?

Keeping up with styles, haircuts, and trends is a full-time pursuit. Even with a quick daily flick across Twitter or Instagram, one can’t rightly ignore how much is out there. Contending with what a north NJ hair replacement client might want of what they see, and more importantly, what is indeed possible is one of… Read more »

We Cannot Tell A Lie About Our Prices

This week a lock of George Washington’s hair sold for $35,000.00. And even though the sprig of hair came from the family of Alexander Hamilton, with a note from Hamilton’s son Alexander proving the artifact’s authenticity, this hair pricing is well beyond most people’s wildest imaginings. At Guci Image, we know we need to keep… Read more »

‘Fashion Troll’ Anyone?

At Guci Image we have seen enough to know that fashion, style and indeed haircuts, come and go on a capricious wind. A viral video as much as a spread in Vogue can presently influence the culture for a 180 turn that sometimes only lasts as long as it takes for the next video to… Read more »

Westeros Hair Woes

So you think you have hair concerns coming into Guci Image once a month to reattach your CTR unit or starting into our new DHSA program? Well, the men and women of Westeros (as in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones) have to worry about their hair too. Actually, it is the actresses and… Read more »

According To John Travolta, Bald Is ‘In’ For 2019

When a celebrity of John Travolta’s magnitude ‘goes bald,’ it certainly makes news. Not that there haven’t been suspicions about whether or not the star of Saturday Night Fever (over 40 years ago) and Gotti (most recently) hadn’t been wearing a hair replacement unit for the past few decades. Still, Instagramming just as the New… Read more »

A Hair Solution That Not Only Works For You…But Works Right

Hair care solutions are a dime a dozen. From the Guci Image offices in Paramus, New Jersey to clear across the country and dotted around the world, men and women find their solutions, good (and sometimes bad), to their hair thinning. Most recently, Sunday Okafor of New Rochelle, underwent a hair-loss treatment at Hairline Ink… Read more »

Kris Jenner Had A Great Holiday…Did You?

Let’s assume your invite didn’t make it cross country with the holiday mail being as crazy as it is. But if you had attended the yearly Kardashian/Jenner holiday party, you would have seen a mountain and an igloo made from rented snowmaking machines, plus A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Kimora Lee Simmons. You… Read more »

Margaret Gieszinger Holiday Hair Crazy

This time of year, be you in the Northern New Jersey area or anywhere really, things can get quite wacky. Holidaze shopping stress, wondering where we might find the money for that shopping, traffic, mall crowds, family party crowds, it does all add up. But would we ever expect some crazy news over a haircut?Margaret… Read more »

Does Game Of Thrones Have Your Style?

Whether your secret childhood wish is to be Batman for a day, Wonder Woman or some other comic or fantasy character (even a Kardashian), men and women both idolize as much as fantasize a whole host of fantastic wishes. This is undoubtedly true with the rabid fanbase of HBO’s Game of Thrones. And at the… Read more »

Let Them Have Shower Caps: Aquaman’s Main Lady’s Style

One of the most anticipated movies of the holiday season, Aquaman, stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Adding to the buzz of this new comic offering at the movie’s various premieres this month, Heard has taken to wearing some wild haute couture across red (and even blue) carpets. In London just this week, she wore… Read more »