About Guci Image

What Makes Guci Different From Other Hair Companies?

guci image hair care center in new jerseyGuci Image, is a full-service Hair Loss Treatment Center predominately treating Womens hair loss. Twice chosen to sponsor of the MTV Movie and Video Awards and more recently featured on the VSN Fashion Network(2013), Guci, has set the standard for which all hair companies will now be measured. We believe it’s never just one thing that separates you from your perceived competition! We have a very unique approach to hair loss, especially Women’s hair loss. We understand the devastating effects it can have and take pride in the fact that we have helped many women regain their confidence and self esteem. We are truly “SPECIALISTS” in every sense of the word. We treat a wide spectrum of clients ranging from women with “less-than-perfect hair” to “severe medical disorders”,  all with the focus of bringing you the latest State-of-The-Art Technologies available in the world today. Guci offers an unmatched level of Professionalism, Customer Service and Experience as well as a passion be the best. Many companies want to be everything to everyone, we don’t believe that’s possible especially if you want to be known as an “EXPERT” in your field! Please take the time to get to know us and find out why we are considered the leaders in Hair loss technology.

What Are Some Of The Technologies That Guci Offers?

  1. FDA Approved “Laser Therapy” is the biggest Hair Loss “Break-Through” this Millennium and the #1hair restoration technology available in the world today. It stops the progression of HAIR LOSS in 85% of patients and also promotes REGROWTH. Guci was one of the first companies in New Jersey to offer Laser Therapy over a decade ago.
  2. SHE and GREAT LENGTHS(Cold Fusion Hair Extensions)– We only do (2), and that’s by design! They are (2) of the world’s “Very Best” and the “ONLY” (2) Extensions that won’t compromise the integrity of your existing hair. These extensions utilize Ultra-Sonic Waves and true KERATIN protein. “NO GLUE, NO HEAT, NO DAMAGE! 
  3. WHITE DIAMOND“- Anti-Aging is all the “rage” right now! Exclusively at Guci, White Diamonds Anti-Aging Hair Repair Therapy reverses and repairs damaged, broken and dry hair from inside the “Cortex” out! It accomplishes this by using Ultra-Sonic Waves and Infrared Light.
  4. CTR” (Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction) for Men and Women with advanced Hair Loss. These truly “GUCI Exclusive” Non-Surgical Skin-Grafts simulate a human scalp that is non-detectable to both the sight and touch! So undetectable only you will know
  5. Micro- Grafting another “GUCI Exclusive” This Strand by Strand NON-SURGICAL transplant attaches as little as (1) to (6) strands of human hair to a single strand of your hair. This amazing technology is often used in very difficult, visible areas of the head (ex. Hair-line,Temple,Part and Crown that require a small amount of hair. This non-surgical tedious technology is a great alternative to transplant surgery.

These are some of the newer more advanced technologies offered at Guci Image. Also available are more well known technologies like Integration Systems,100% European Lace Chemotherapy Wigs and Surgical Transplants, performed by our triple board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ramtin Kassir. We offer separate divisions for each technology with expert technicians trained in their specific field of expertise. Guci, the world leader and innovator in Hair Loss is ready to help NOW! Please take the time to view website or call if you have any questions. GUCI IMAGE… THE STANDARD HAS BEEN SET!